Friday, February 1, 2013

SABICH (Iraqi-Jewish eggplant salad)

This is a keeper from the Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. I love these middle eastern recipes. I can imagine it as a delicious side dish or just as it is with extra egg to boost the protein.

Don't you just love the way Shauna writes. I must begin to collect their books as I'm sure I'll enjoy having them around. My next Amazon order is growing too fast. My only problem with buying the Ahern's books is that they bake. They bake a lot with gluten free flours. I am more interested in protein and veggies but there are plenty of those too. It's Shauna';s love of good food and her way with words that delight e most of all.

Can't wait to try Sabich out and we have eggplant growing so I'll be able to use my own harvest.

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