Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had a lovely fresh lettuce but I don't like the outside leaves in salad so thinking cap went on and with a little help on the internet I came up with this str-fry.

1 onion sliced.
about 6 large outside leaves of an iceberg lettuce, Once cut up it filled a large bowl, probably more than 2 lt.
small bunch of spinach
2 or 3 celery stems
1 cup sliced red cabbage using the thick ribs
cup of cooked carrot chunks
butter or good flavoured oil
Italian seasoning or whatever your favourite is. You can even go asian and use soy sauce.
1/4 tsp sugar

you could add anything you like such as bacon pieces, chilli, red pepper chard stems, garlic, ginger, whatever you feel like.

Wash the lettuce and any other leaves you use well and leave to drain. You don't want them dripping with water.

While the onion is cooking in the butter, slice lettuce leaves into 1.5/2 cm strips and cut them across so they are mostly about 5-10 cm long.

Add the slower cooking greens such as the red cabbage.
Toss the lettuce in the pan and stir.

Roughly chop or tear spinach leaves and more finely chop stems.

Add to pan and give a stir around

Finely slice celery

Add to pan with seasoning and good pinch of sugar

Continue to cook over medium heat until satisfied it tastes good. I left mine about 10 minutes.

Add freshly cooked carrots.


I believe this can be turned into a tasty soup with good chicken stock and stick whizz to puree until nice and smooth. a squeeze of lemon juice could work.

I was surprisedby how sweet the greens were. I guess it depends on the freshness and quality of the lettuce.

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